Monthly Archives: February 2014

Introduction to Newsletter 2014 Issue #01

1. Note from the President of the WHO Intern Alumni Association Welcome to the inaugural instalment of the quarterly newsletter from WHO IAA (WHO Intern Alumni Association), a newly established organisation to represent and advocate for past, current and future WHO interns. We will be sharing news from the WHO intern alumni community, including our […]

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Alumni Dispatches 2014 Issue #01

Kerry Wong It feels more like yesterday than 8 months ago when I just arrived home from a three-month journey, unpacked my bags and returned each trivial item I had brought with me to its original spot. They adjusted back to the familiarity of my Australian home so tranquilly and silently. But I knew they […]

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Alumni Achievements 2014 Issue #01

Alumni Graduations 1. Mayank Verma. LLM (Master’s of Law). School of Oriental and African Sciences. 2. Anneka He. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. University College London. 3. Hiroki Watarai. Master’s Public Administration. Tsinghua University. 4. Chisato Ito. Master’s of Public Health (Global Health Concentration). Simon Fraser University. 5. Eugene Lee. Master’s Health Policy […]

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