Alumni Achievements 2014 Issue #01

Alumni Achievements 2014 Issue #01

Alumni Graduations

1. Mayank Verma. LLM (Master’s of Law). School of Oriental and African Sciences.

2. Anneka He. Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery. University College London.

3. Hiroki Watarai. Master’s Public Administration. Tsinghua University.

4. Chisato Ito. Master’s of Public Health (Global Health Concentration). Simon Fraser University.

5. Eugene Lee. Master’s Health Policy Administration. Yale School of Public Health.


WHO Publications (Co-Authorship or Contributions)

1. Kyle Ragins

Intern, Health Statistics and Information Systems (July – October 2012)

Handbook on Health Inequality Monitoring

2. Zia Saleh

Intern, Public Health and Environment (Summer 2012)

Pedestrian safety: a road safety manual for decision-makers and practitioners

3. Ashton Barnett-Vanes

Intern, Emergency Risk Management & Humanitarian Response (Summer 2012)

Atlas of Health and Climate: Emergencies Section

4. Inge Wessels

Intern, Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability (June – July 2012)

Preventing violence: evaluating outcomes of parenting programmes

5. Laurien Rook, Julisca Cesar, Faraz Chavoushi, Vicki Wong, Lily Smith, Rachel Wittenauer, and Shuichi Jack Suzuki

Intern, Essential Medicines and Pharmaceutical Policies (August – October 2012)

Priority Medicines for Europe and the World Update Report, 2013

6. Tiiu Sildva

Intern, WHO HQ, Social Determinants of Health (September – November 2012)

Social Determinants of Health: Sectoral Briefing Series 5


Other Publications (Co-Authorship or Contributions)

1. Ashton Barnett-Vanes

Barnett-Vanes A, Hung KKC, Maruthappu M, Shalhoub J, Chan EYY. Improving health in humanitarian crises: from reactive to proactive. The Lancet 2013.

2. Tara Kedia

Craig, Sienna. Healing Elements: Efficacy and the Social Ecologies of Tibetan Medicine. University of California Press 2012.


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