Constitution and Bylaws

You can access a pdf version of our NWIA Constitution Bylaws.


Article I.              Association Details

                 (i)     Name

The name of this association will be the “Network of WHO Intern Alumni”, hereby abbreviated to ‘NWIA’.

               (ii)     Authorization

The NWIA will nominate itself as the organization representing past interns from WHO headquarters and regional offices. This association was established when the founding Core Committee adopted a constitution on 15 September 2013.

Article II.            Purpose

(a)      Vision

To foster an interconnected, active and supportive global health community of past interns of the World Health Organization (WHO), across all WHO regions and member states, in order to harness our shared passion for the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.

(b)      Mission

The overarching goal of the Network of WHO Intern Alumni(NWIA) is to increase alumni engagement and facilitate networking between alumni to support our vision.

Article III.         Finances, Fundraising and Non-Profit Status

                 (i)     Non-profit status

The NWIA shall be established as a non-profit organization. All profit obtained from donation, subscriptions and events shall be utilised for the maintenance of NWIA assets (including but not limited to the website) and for re-investment into NWIA projects (including but not limited to the Equitable Access to Global Health Internships initiative). The purposes for which the NWIA is formed are exclusively charitable.



               (ii)     Account for Funds

NWIA funds will be held in the organization’s official bank account. Signatories to the account will include the Chair, President, and Treasurer. The list of signatories will be reviewed annually. An additional account, for the purposes of fundraising by current WHO interns will be maintained at the WHO-HQ office by the Human Resources Department. Funds from this account may be contributed toward NWIA activities. All assets acquired by the NWIA, both financial and otherwise, will be tracked using standard accounting practices.

             (iii)     Fees for Members

Members will not be liable for fees unless a specific joining or subscription fee is proposed and ratified by the Core Committee at some point in the future.

              (iv)     Gifts and Donations

Gifts may be made to the NWIA in any form or amount befitting the purposes of the association.  Forms of gifts may include but are not limited to financial donation, airline miles, event venue, food, and lodging. The Treasurer will be responsible for soliciting and tracking donations, with approval of the President.

                (v)     Events

Fees for attendance at NWIA sponsored events will be made in accordance with event programmes, as organised and approved by the Core Committee.

Article IV.         Membership

                 (i)     Eligibility and Rights

To be eligible to become a member of the NWIA, an individual must have previously served as an intern at WHO (headquarters, regional, or country offices) for a minimum duration of 6 weeks. Proof of this will be required by the supply of a WHO intern email account, dates of the internship, and details of the supervisor and department. Those unable to provide all of these details and with mitigating circumstances will be permitted to join at the discretion of the Secretary and President. Members may be elected to the Core Committee, following a transparent and open process as organized by the Core Committee and monitored by the Advisory Board.

Membership will be defined by registration to become a member of the NWIA, through completion of an online form. This will offer access to the NWIA LinkedIn group and will add members automatically to the newsletter listserv.

               (ii)     Fees and Entitlement

Members of NWIA will not be required to pay a fee to register and join the NWIA. After registering, members will be encouraged to donate to the NWIA. They will be given the option for their name and donation to be listed on the NWIA website, or may choose to donate anonymously.

Regardless of donation, all members will be entitled to receive publications, invitations to attend events and conferences organized by NWIA, and will be offered opportunities for advertising and networking. There may occasionally be meetings of members of the NWIA, which may be sponsored by the NWIA at the discretion of the Core Committee.

If a proposal is motioned for the introduction of a joining or annual subscription fee, this must be agreed on by the Core Committee and communicated to members by the Treasurer no less than 3 months in advance of any fee collection.

             (iii)     Termination of Membership

Membership may be suspended or terminated for conduct detrimental to the purposes and functioning of the NWIA.  The Core Committee must vote by majority for suspension or termination of membership.  The relevant member will have the right to speak on his/her own behalf.  The matter will be resolved within 1 month of its initiation.

Article V.           Board

(a)      Board Powers and Duties

The Board will be the executive committee of the NWIA. It will consist of the Core Committee and the Advisory Board. The Board will be responsible for realising the purposes of the NWIA as described in Article II. To ensure that the NWIA is sustainable in both presence and function, Board members will be responsible for providing information and training to incoming Board members and may serve in an advisory capacity after their term has expired as detailed in Article V (c) ii.


(b)      Core Committee

                 (i)     Roles of Members of the Core Committee

The Core Committee will have sole power to alter or amend the NWIA’s Constitution and Bylaws, to raise funds, and to perform all other required functions. All members of the Core Committee will complete tasks and share roles as necessary to ensure smooth operation of NWIA.  In general, delineation of roles and responsibilities will be as follows:

Chair: will be responsible for managing the external relations of the NWIA. Including negotiations with external organizations, liaison with the Advisory Board, and assisting to determine the strategy of the NWIA together with the President.

President: will be responsible for determining the strategy of the NWIA together with the Chair.  They will also be responsible for overseeing the internal affairs of the NWIA, including the director of the Equitable Access Sub-Committee.

Vice-president: will be responsible for assisting the President with internal affairs, including liaising with the director of the Newsletter Sub-Committee.

Secretary: will be the first point of contact for those wishing to communicate/engage with the NWIA. They will be responsible for signposting emails to appropriate personnel, taking and disseminating minutes from committee meetings, and drafting formal documents of communication.  They will also be responsible for organising meetings for the Core Committee and maintaining a record of all amendments to the constitution.

Treasurer: will be responsible for investigating fundraising leads, handling the financial status of NWIA, including tracking funds and recording their deposit, and subsequent distribution. They will be responsible for a quarterly audit of NWIA finances, to be shared with the Chair, President, and Advisory Board.

Webmaster: will be responsible for managing the online presence of the NWIA including the NWIA website, Google Group email listserv, and LinkedIn group.

               (ii)     Core Committee Selection

To nominate themselves for positions on the NWIA Core Committee, candidates must have been members of the NWIA for at least 3 months. Candidates must apply for the particular position(s) they are interested in holding. The Core Committee will set a deadline for receiving bids for candidacy and candidates’ statements will be circulated amongst all members of the NWIA at least 2 weeks before the deadline for voting. A confidential online voting process will be coordinated by the Chair and President with the supervision of the Advisory Board. An online voting system will be established for this purpose and members will have a minimum of two weeks to vote online. One candidate will be selected for each open position. Selection of a new member will require approval by the majority of the existing Core Committee, including the votes of both the Chair and President. Newly elected Core Committee members will assume their duties with a scheduled transition period of 2 weeks.

             (iii)     Core Committee Meetings

Core Committee meetings will be held at minimum once per month, for the purpose of discussing on-going work and setting future agenda items.  The President, in consultation with the Chair, will determine the date, time, and place of the meeting.  Once decided, the secretary will be responsible for organising the meeting. Votes to amend the Constitution or By-Laws must take place here. Other members of the NWIA may request or be invited to join these meetings, but will not have voting authority.

              (iv)     Tenure on Core Committee

The maximum servable tenure on the Core Committee shall be 3 years, renewable annually.

                (v)     Removal of Core Committee Member

Membership in the Core Committee may be suspended or terminated for conduct detrimental to the purposes and functioning of the NWIA. These include but are not limited to:

  • Failure to communicate with the Chair or President for a period of 2 weeks, without prior notification.
  • Failure to attend 2 consecutive meetings without prior notification, and excluding extenuating circumstances (such as severe illness, family emergency), at the discretion of the remaining Core Committee members.
  • Demonstrating misconduct that undermines or damages the aims and objectives of the NWIA or WHO, or which brings it into disrepute.


Members facing termination of Core Committee membership will be offered the chance to submit mitigating circumstance defence, in the form of a 400 word statement. This will be circulated to the Core Committee prior to voting on the decision. A Core Committee member may be considered for removal through a motion by another Core Committee member. This motion requires a majority of the Core Committee to approve it, including the votes of both the President and Chair.

However, the Chair, President, or Vice-President may only be removed if there is unanimity amongst the remaining Core Committee.

              (vi)     Changes to Positions or Sub-Committees

As the NWIA expands, new positions on the Core Committee, as well as the establishment of Sub-Committees may be required. Creation of a new position must first be motioned by a member of the existing Core Committee. The motion requires a majority of the Core Committee to approve it, including the votes of both the President and Chair.

Removal of or changes to the existing positions on the Core Committee must be proposed and enacted through the same process.

(c)       Advisory Board

                 (i)     Purpose

A board of advisors shall exist, separate from the Core Committee, to offer advice to the NWIA based upon their expertise or prior experience.

               (ii)     Membership

Former Core Committee members and other persons of importance to the NWIA will be invited to join the Advisory Board by the Chair or the President. The Advisory Board will be comprised of 2 groups, those with affiliations to WHO (current or former employees, consultants, collaborators) and those without affiliation.

             (iii)     Tenure

There will be no limit on tenure for members of the Advisory Board. Members of the Advisory Board may only be removed by order of both the Chair and the President.

Article VI.         Sub-Committees

                 (i)     Newsletter

The objective of this Sub-Committee is to disseminate a periodic newsletter to all NWIA members, which will provide updates from current WHO interns and the alumni community around the world, as well as other topics at the discretion of the Core Committee. This involves soliciting contributions from (but not limited to) the current WHO-HQ Intern Board President, the President of the NWIA, NWIA members; and soliciting advertisements (where appropriate for revenue and in collaboration with the Treasurer). This Sub-Committee reports directly to the Vice-president.

               (ii)     Equitable Access

The objective of this Sub-Committee is to administer the Equitable Access to Global Health Internships initiative in potential collaboration with the WHO and the WHO Intern Board. Roles will include: drafting and amendment of the initiative framework; coordination with WHO to solicit applications; coordination of application assessment; administration of funds to successful applicants; monitoring and evaluation of impact of WHO-HQ internship. This Sub-Committee reports directly to the President.

Article VII.      Dissolution

In the event of dissolution of the NWIA, all assets will be assigned to the WHO-HQ Intern Board, for use in charitable projects.

Article VIII.    Amendments to Constitution and By-Laws

Changes to Constitution or By-Laws may be suggested by any member of the NWIA.  Approval requires 2/3 vote of the Core Committee.  Changes will become effective upon an affirmative vote. The secretary will be responsible for maintaining an historic itinerary of constitution amendments.