Our Initiatives

Strategic timeline


1. Promote Equity in Global Health Internships

  • NWIA has compiled data and evidence on inequitable intern representation in global health internships, including country representation and financial barriers (see our Publications)
  • We’re crowdfunding for a pilot study to examine the feasibility of targeted financial support for prospective interns from underrepresented regions
  • We continue to engage with policy stakeholders, by raising awareness and providing evidence to inform discussions

2. Host the Network of WHO Intern Alumni

We act as a forum for former interns from all WHO offices and regions to engage in dialogue
about global health, network with other intern alumni, and engage with the WHO. We highlight achievements of intern alumni, and host periodic intern alumni get-togethers around the world.

– Newsletter
– LinkedIn group
– Mailing list


3. Support Current and Prospective Interns

  • We work together with the WHO Intern Board and other intern associations to advocate for the needs of current and prospective interns.
  • We’ve helped bring lunch discounts to WHO interns, helped develop the Intern Board website, co-authored a guideline document for promoting fair representation in internships, and participated in intern forums in Geneva.