Publications by NWIA Board Members

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5. Ashton Barnett-Vanes. Leadership 2030 – Global Health Internships. RSA Blog: 4 June 2015.
7. Oluwaseyi Owaseye. Perspectives of a Nigerian Former WHO-HQ Intern. Pan African Medical Journal: 17 September 2015.


Blog Posts

1. Alex Cheng. Global Health Workforce Diversity: What about Interns? Child Family Health International Blog: 10 June 2015.
4. Jennifer Foulds. Show YOUR Support for Global Health Equity at the UN. Amref Health Africa Blog: 6 July 2015.
5. Daniel Bornstein. WHO: are unpaid internships undermining helping those most in need? Development in Action Blog: 23 July 2015.


Further Reading on Equitable Access to Global Health Internships

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5. Winter 2015 WHO-HQ Intern Cohort. Former WHO-HQ Interns on Fair Internship Access.


Publications by WHO Intern Alumni

2014 and 2015 have seen 16 WHO and other publications (contributions or co-authorships) by WHO intern alumni. Access the pdf with the full list of Publications by NWIA members.