Strategic Plan

You can access a pdf version of our Strategic Plan NWIA Strategic Plan.

Prepared Autumn 2013, Revised December 2014 



To foster an interconnected, active and supportive global health community of past interns of the World Health Organization (WHO), across all WHO regions and member states, in order to harness our shared passion for the attainment by all peoples of the highest possible level of health.



The overarching goal of the Network of WHO Intern Alumni (NWIA) is to increase alumni engagement and facilitate networking between alumni to support our vision.


Strategic Objectives

                 (i)     Involve Alumni

The NWIA will act as an agent for alumni involvement within the activities of the Association, in external activities representing the interests of the Alumni Association, and within the current WHO Intern Board initiatives.


  • Periodic dissemination of the NWIA newsletter.
  • Coordination and promotion of NWIA networking events in various cities across the world.


(ii)     Communicate with Alumni

The NWIA will facilitate communications among alumni to promote knowledge sharing, discussion and networking. Further, NWIA will undertake appropriate and timely communication with alumni to inform them of issues affecting the WHO and the Alumni Association.


  • Period dissemination of the NWIA newsletter.
  • Active alumni engagement through the NWIA website and LinkedIn group.
  • Initiate and pursue an appropriate and timely dialogue with appointed staff at the WHO when necessary.


(iii)     Recognize Alumni Achievements

The NWIA will recognize the achievements of alumni and interns of the WHO, and acknowledge  outstanding contributions to the Alumni Association.


  • Feature alumni successes and achievements in our newsletter and on our website.
  • Share achievements, such as publications and awards, with our community through the website, newsletter and LinkedIn group.


(iv)     Involve Current Interns

The NWIA will encourage current interns to become involved in, and assist with activities of the Association to forge links with future global health professionals and establish a lifelong association with the WHO.


  • Maintenance of close collaboration with the WHO Intern Board in order to foster a growing supportive alumni network and maintain current information.
  • Support the WHO Intern Board in its initiatives where possible.
  • Presence and promotion of NWIA at WHO Intern Days.


               (v)     Facilitate Enhanced Global Health Collaboration and Dialogue

The NWIA will serve as a catalyst for effective international and interdisciplinary collaboration in global health programs, research, policy, advocacy and diplomacy between WHO intern alumni, as well as the expanded network of organizations and individuals we will reach through our alumni.


  • Bringing together past WHO interns from many different years at the WHO, comprising various age groups, nationalities, cultures and professional backgrounds through a unified NWIA.
  • Encourage knowledge sharing and provide a forum for dialogue on current global health topics, policies, programs, tools, research methods, and publications on our website, LinkedIn page, newsletter, at NWIA meetings and through other relevant outlets and communication tools.
  • Sharing of information on international health conferences and facilitation of NWIA networking events and meet-and-greets.
  • Acknowledgement of successful collaborations on our website, LinkedIn page, and newsletter.


(vi)     Improve Equity in Global Health Training Opportunities

Qualified candidates from low- and middle- income countries, living with disability, and other groups are currently underrepresented within the global health agencies intern communities. The unpaid nature of internships may deter these candidates from applying. However, equal access is a key principle of global health so NWIA seeks to facilitate the growth of internship opportunities for these candidates. Hereby, NWIA will support invaluable professional development experiences, whilst expanding an international network of current and future leaders in global health from all income settings and communities.


  • Support under-represented candidates to intern at WHO-HQ and other global health agencies through our Equitable Access to Global Health Internships initiative.
  • Share relevant funding opportunities available to current, past, and prospective interns from under-represented groups via the NWIA website, LinkedIn group, and the WHO Intern Board Weebly site.